Sunday, January 3, 2016

Eclectic Tastes and Somebody's Birthday

Happy New Year everybody!
I trust you all had a good Christmas/Holiday break.
We did as well.

Today is January 3rd and just so happens to be Ron's birthday!

Taken in the 80's

Having a birthday this time of year can be tricky,
as after all the festive goings-on from the previous two weeks
one's birthday could get smothered in the process.

Having a swing at Fort Needham in Halifax.

Luckily this has never happened to Ron.

In the dunes last month.

How could it? He is constantly reminding everyone!
I know, of course he doesn't do this.
I do!!

With our dear friend, Alyce.

So without further ado, I would like to wish Ron a very Happy Birthday!

Ron grew a beard this year.

I have helped celebrate 42 birthdays with him
and he was in his 24th year when we met.
You do the math!!

Embracing winter on the Eastern Shore.

 In the new library in Halifax.

 At the beach on his birthday last year.

Ron's favourite summer location on MacDonald Hill.

 Reconnecting with old friends last year.

At ron's birthday lunch last year.

And here is 'our song' from way back in 1973.....



  1. Good to have you back Jim, and I wish Ron a very lovely birthday day. I think I may have said Happy New Year on the previous post, but I will say it again. Looking forward to your beautiful photos for another year. X

    1. Good to be back, Frances.
      I am happy you enjoy my photos, I like taking them.

  2. A very happy birthday Ron! Someone is certainly aging well... do you have a portrait in the attic somewhere?

    1. Too funny Craig ~~ I ran into an old friend in 2014 (I met her 1968) and she inferred the exact same thing!

      I replied "but of course!"

      Winks Ron

    2. Oh right! That 'portrait in the attic'!

  3. Wishing Ron a very happy birthday. I had his age figured out (well, I already knew it), but then I wondered if those 42 years were Dog Years. That would change everything!

    I loved Gladys Knight and the Pips. So did my father. But he always confused their names and called them Gladys Pip and the Knights.

    1. LOL! Now you have me saying their names this way!! Oh no!!

  4. happy birthday ron! you are even better looking at this age!

    1. Hi Joyce. Good to see you!
      Ron is very happy that he has started to look more mature......finally!! lol

  5. Oh, what a great post! Happy birthday to Ron. Still such a handsome devil :) Enjoy the day!

    1. Oh he's my handsome devil alright, Martha!!

  6. Happy birthday, Ron! Last year, the hipster beard. This year, the hipster man bun? I hope so, cuz I think man buns are cute.

    1. A 'man bun'! Shouldn't be a problem, Debra, as Ron has the HAIR to do it!!
      Time will tell.

  7. Happy Birthday, Ron! Love all the photographs, Jim! You chose well! How lovely that you have had 42 wonderful years with someone who embraces and enjoys life so much! Enjoy the day!

    1. Thanks, Louise. As you know, Ron has a zest for life alright. That is what attracted me initially. He woke me up to so many things.

  8. Many thanks from all you KOOKYFRIENDS out there in TV land!!!!!!

  9. No matter the age, I think Ron will always be young at heart. Hope he had a happy day.

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