Thursday, January 7, 2016


At the shop yesterday to do some rearranging........removing some things and adding others.
I plan on featuring a quilt every week for the next couple of months.
The one below is the was completely hand-stitched.
A machine didn't go near it as far as I could tell.

The aboriginal native art below was done by Isaac Bignell
who was a Manitoba Cree artist.

More to do this week but this was a start.


  1. Hand stitched, hand applique, and hand bound.What a beauty. Guess you have a grand collection , looking forward to the next few weeks.

  2. Your shop is filled with color and interesting things. Wish I could browse in person! What a quilt!

  3. I love all the color! The shop looks like a peaceful place to visit... love the quilts.

  4. You have very good taste Jim in the works you feature. Anyone would think that you're a gay man with all that good taste!


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