Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

A week in January......

Sunrise one morning last week....

Waiting for Ron in Halifax......

Sunset on Iris painting last evening.....

Hand-made quilt at shop.....

Looking into the Public Gardens in Halifax.......

Snow bank in front garden......

Snow hole.....

Making tracks at the park.......

Park runner.......


  1. Is the big snow storm coming as far north as where you are? It is so bad, and such a huge area and so many people affected, I find it all so hard to imagine. Many, many more times than the size of all NZ, we would be lost in a tiny corner. Stay safe, you and yours.Love the quilt, the snow bank, and shining skies through the trees.

    1. It is staying out in the Atlantic, Jean......way to the south of us!!
      It is a BIG alright and luckily we missed this one. Since N.S. sticks out so far into the Atlantic, we catch most storms that are passing by....but no this time.
      That quilt is very old and so well-done, Jean. I can imagine the time and energy it took!!

  2. ALL magnificent. The sunset-on-iris painting looks like a photo you would produce of an actual sunset... on iris!

  3. Terrific shots, Jim. You've captured winter so well. I especially like the car mirror shot.

    1. Thanks, Martha. Amazing, eh, what one can find to photograph while waiting in a parked car.

  4. Clearly winter has arrived. Did you get any of that snowstorm that hit the eastern seaboard of the US yesterday?

    1. That storm is hitting us tonight, least a smaller version of it.....about 10 cm I heard.


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