Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

The last week in January 2016.......

Late afternoon at the park...

I like it when clouds cast shadows on the water.

This gazebo has its resident snowman.

The abominable snowman?.....maybe.

To the top and over the edge....

Trail to the Northwest Arm.....

Young gull.....

Looking out to the mouth of Halifax Harbour.....

Looks like a Christmas tree......

Nordic walker at the park.


  1. I remember this day like it was yesterday ~~ so peaceful, serene and quiet.

    My fave place to unwind and renew my mind and body!

  2. Happy saturday-we are having spring weather this weekend-amazing will be over 70 degrees f with sunshine today-I need to get my boots on and go take a walk in our woods winter returns monday though-but love these little breaks

  3. Haven't been by in awhile. Thought I'd stop in and say hello! Pictures are awesome.

  4. Just what I needed - the Saturday morning photos. I love the gull and the mellow lighting.

  5. LOved the picture of Sophie and Ron. I always used to take pictures of Errol from behind, walking dogs. He didn't want to be on my blog, so I only posted his rear.

  6. Looks like another wonderful week over where you three amigos are!


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