Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Up The Hill

  As I was thinking about this photo of Ron
 walking up the MacDonald Hill the other day,
something occurred to me.

You see, in Nova Scotia we don't have 'real mountains'.....
 like the ones in the Rockies.
We have hills.....some big ones and some small ones
like our MacDonald Hill here.

Yes, there is the North Mountain and the South Mountain in the Valley,
 Mount Thom in Pictou County and a few more.
But, they are not real mountains by any stretch of the imagination.

How about where you live? Are there mountains near by?
Or are you like us here and call the big hills mountains?


  1. I think that where I live would be described as " rolling countryside". Nothing even to really be called a "hill" ! Harpenden, where we live, is set mainly in a dry valley, and once you leave the main road that goes through the valley, you are going uphill, especially going towards our house along Station Rd, but after a fairly steep bit after the railway bridge, it evens out and then drops down gradually to the next valley of the River Lea. We live halfway down towards the river. Nothing in the local area outside the town is referred to as a hill. Certainly no mountains ! So many places in GB have had horrendous floods this last few weeks, but our little river just potters along most of the time at summer levels. Horrid grey, misty morning today..about 4c at the moment. We have not seen the sun much for weeks.Must now don a hat and coat and take the schnauzer out for his morning walk….will go and check the river and hope to see the kingfisher! Have a good day JIm and Ron. Have you got snow yet? X

    1. Hi Frances. We got two days of consecutive snow, amounting to about 15 cm or so. No problem at all.
      Yesterday was the coldest day so far...-12C with windchill of -27C. Yep, it was COLD! Today not so bad, around -5c.
      Sounds like a lovely area in which you live with a river nearby. I have heard that it has been overcast in GB.
      have a wonderful day.

    2. Yesterday we went to the river . I did see the kingfisher, but when I was on the way back, across a different bridge downstream of the one I first crossed, the river was completely covered in a thin layer of white foam. Even the dog was amazed ! So, I went back along the bank and discovered that it was being created at the waterfall. Obviously something in the water that shouldn't be there ! When I got home I phoned the environment agency to report it, but as they didn't take my details I guess I will never know what was going on.

  2. In Manitoba, hills are called mountains. But not in Alberta, where we have the real thing! Edmonton is a four hour drive away from the Rockies.

    1. I would think that hills ARE mountains in Manitoba, Debra.
      I remember our first time driving across Canada. When we were in Manitoba we could see Winnipeg from 50 miles away!! Took forever to get there!! lol
      Loving the Rockies in your province of Alberta! We cycled from Banff to Edmonton one summer many moons ago.

  3. We're surrounded by mountains here. The Sierra Nevada range looms large. I love walking in the sun on the beach and looking up at the snow on the mountains in the distance. Some days I'm dressed like Ron, although the temperature is probably 50C warmer!

    1. I can imagine your view from the beach, Mitchell.....breath-taking I bet.
      Oh I don't think you would wearing all that Ron has on here in this photo!!

  4. and i live smack dab right on the peak of a mountain!

    1. Get outta here, Joyce! How great is that?!

  5. I live above 10,000' Jim - I guess I can call our peaks true mountains. However, I always love your shots of MacDonald Hill. Also, I don't have the beauty of the sea.


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