Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Feeling Very Fortunate

Today we were in the city doing a few errands,
one of which was to have a 'take-out' lunch
as we don't like to leave Sophie in the car alone.

So I parked at a meter and I walked the block
to our favourite salad/sandwich bar.
It's called Pete's and you basically 'make your own'
by telling them what you want in it from numerous choices.

So there I was with two big salads (with chicken)
heading back to the car.
I saw a homeless person coming up to me
and he was very disheveled and out of sorts.
He asked me if I had any spare change.
There I was feeling very contented with my lunch in a bag
and seeing him and realizing that not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

I told him that I do have some change.
But before I gave it to him, I looked at him and asked how he was.
He said that he didn't drink, smoke or do drugs
and that he was very hungry.

It wasn't a matter of believing what he said,
for me it was seeing a person in dire straits 
and I could make a difference right there and then....
at least for a few hours.

I gave him enough to buy a lunch and wished him well.

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