Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

A little of this, and a little of that this week....

The sun was hitting this English Ivy we have in the kitchen, it seemed to love it.

At the shop last Sunday just before closing time, 
the sunset was reflected through this prism.

This photo is circa 1989 when we lived in Halifax.
We had just gotten our cat, Rita, and here she is snuggling up to Ron.
Rita lived till 2005. She was a wonderful cat. She was so missed.

Taken from atop Fort Needham in Halifax, my childhood neighbourhood.

I took this on Thursday at MacDonald Hill looking west.

From my perch at the shop I noticed this couple at Stony Beach
at the foot of MacDonald Hill.

A playground in Halifax.

Yesterday at the beach.....the lifeguard's station/building peeking over the dune grass.

At the container pier.


  1. And no lifeguard on duty... Such a shame. I would have gone for a swim.

    1. No swimming for yours truly Mitch because it is so cold! I'll just watch you!!

  2. You would need more than a lifeguard to save you in these waters, Mitchell!! We were the only ones on the entire beach......geez, I wonder why? lol

  3. Fabulous shots, Jim! I love that you shared that photo of Ron with Rita. How sweet. She was with you for a long time and it must have been so difficult when she died. And I love that prism shot!

    1. Yes, I found these photos the other day from back in the late 80's. Rita was a very unique cat, Martha. She did things her way. I remember I got her at a vet hospital and took her home on my bicycle in a pill box! She was very tiny. Just spread her ashes last summer under her favourite tree.

  4. I like the this and that photos. All tell a story. I like the childhood neighborhood with that pop of red.


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