Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shop Talk

As I am sure you all know, I have a little shop not too far from where we live,
just before the beach.

I have collected, stored, packed away numerous things over the years
with the intent of setting up a shop in my retirement.

And here I am, in my retirement!!
I lease a room in a very large house owned by the province's Parks Department.
I have been there for almost a year now and enjoying every minute.

I work one day a week, Sunday.
The other days are covered by other vendors in the house.
We have one central cashier station that looks after the two shops and gallery.

It works well. 
There is also a Tea Room/Cafe in the house that looks after itself.

As you can no doubt see, I have quite an eclectic assortment of things in the shop.
I wish at times I had a bigger space but will have to be content with what I have.

I am having fun with this and meeting all sorts of people.
Not making a fortune by any means but that was not the intent.

I come from a long line of sellers/buyers......my father, his father and his father before that!
It's in my genes.


  1. You have such a great collection, Jim. So many interesting and unique items.

  2. It's always lovely to realize a dream.

  3. Oh my gosh Jim, all I can say is thank God I live so far away, i would move into your shop, and never want ot leave it would take you, Ron, and Sophie to throw me out...oh I love everything you show, i know of course that you share it to I'd have to leave but not before I BOUGHT oh so many, many, many things

  4. What a fun hobby/income stream to have Jim. I like very much your eclectic mix. Loving the "smoking section"!

  5. wonderful selection of goodies, something for everyone, and when you share with others, and not having to be there M-F, 9 to 5, every day, the best way of all.

  6. I did love the "window shopping" in your store, Jim. You have so much neat stuff!

  7. al;ways fun to meet all the different people-and what a lovely spot for your shop too

  8. Thank you for sharing your shop with us all. For me personally,it meant so much more.I am in the planning stages of my own little shop,and every day part of me is playing there.We have so much in common! My visit to your shop felt like a nod from The Universe that I am on the right path.I couldn't find your email address or I'd have lots more to say... ^j^. May you continue to enjoy your retirement dream and the very best forms of wealth it brings. ~A relaxed conversation with some tea in that green cup and saucer would be delightful ~

  9. It's a good thing (for me, not you) that I live so far away. Your shop is my kind of place (and yours is better than others I've seen). We downsized and you would make me want to upsize again!

  10. You have many interesting things in your shop. It's bright and attractive. Glad you're enjoying it, Jim.


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