Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Saw this huge container freighter coming into Halifax Harbour yesterday
from our vantage point at Point Pleasant Park.

I did a little research:

* NYK means Nippon Yusen Kaisha.
* This is the NYK Daedalus.
* It was built in 2007
* TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit/cargo capacity)....4800
* Flag....Panama
* Class...NK (ensures Maritime safety and marine environment)
* NRT (Net Register Tonnage)...23,203
* GRT (Gross Register Tonnage)....55,534

As you can see, this was full to the rafters!
It was heading to one of two container terminals in the harbour.
There was a tugboat waiting for it a little further down the mouth of the harbour
to lead it in to the terminal.

Like most freighters, ocean liners and cruise ships that dock here,
most, if not all the crew, eventually disembark and head to the shops
in the downtown area of the city......especially the grocery stores.

Must feel good to get off the ship and walk on land for a while.


  1. Super shot and fascinating to read about her details. We really should think about how our "must have" items reach us, but we don't of course!

  2. Great photo (well, what else is new...)! I love that you researched the container ship. I've done that here as well.

  3. I have always wanted to ride around the world on one of those.

  4. What a perfect spot for you to view these and how much fun to be able to research their history. That boat is definitely full to the brim!

  5. i wonder what is in all of those containers!

  6. Massive, and the phrase " packed to the gunwales" might be a little minimal here, as it's well and truly packed so high over and above. I often wonder how they all stay there in high and rough seas, how many fall off, and are a shipping hazard? Super shot, and great info, and I, too, wonder just what was in all those containers?

  7. Wow how beautiful the name not to mention the ship..and I love how it's lined up beautifully so full of colours, oh i'd be so excited viewing this and wondering what was coming to my town...and i love all the details makes it more real, it's fantastic Jim

  8. Interesting facts you found. I saw an article about some really cool houses made of shipping containers.


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