Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From My Perch

It is starting to get busier at the shop due to a positive change in our weather.

So on Sunday, my work day, I was busy talking with a customer,
when I noticed this large group of people all dressed in red
coming up the hill.

It was intriguing enough that I excused myself to get my camera.
I just didn't want to miss this insurgence of colour.
The customer was intrigued as well, as they mostly are because of the panoramic
views we have at MacDonald House.

I looked down the hill further and saw a large tourist bus in the parking lot.
Tourism is starting early this year.
And no, unfortunately they did not come into the shops,
but did provide something for me to blog about!


  1. What a fabulous contrast! A real life "red army"!

  2. How odd that they all had the same jackets on . . . a sports team maybe?

  3. Maybe a college or school group, insignia on the jackets, and maybe the driver in a black jacket. What a lovely bright colour for your day.

  4. Don't you wish you knew their story? You need to station Sophie and Ron on the hill to point the way to the shop!

  5. You can't help but notice that group.

  6. Looks like an excursion, all in red...exercise, not time to shop, silly people lol


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