Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Another beautiful day on the 'hill' yesterday.
That's two in a row!!

Here are a few things I noticed on our hike.

 This plane was one of three 'remote' planes that three guys were having a ball with.
And, they were quiet.....the planes, that is.

Almost looks real.

These would be fun!

Fog bank, cloud bank.

Sophie loving every minute.

Lawrencetown Beach.

The melt continues.....


  1. There is a nearby " common" ( It's called Nomansland Common, Wheathampsted if you care to look it up) where they are allowed to fly remote controlled planes. They are definitely not quiet ! Luckily they are only allowed to have one up at a time or it would be unbearable while trying to have a peaceful dog walk ! Have a good weekend you 3 .

  2. it is time for spring to find you!

  3. Wow, Jim! These are beautiful shots. I especially like the one of Sophie on the hill and the artfully processed last one.

  4. Nice shots, Jim! Seems we are enjoying the same type of weather. The days are getting better and better!

  5. You are making art now of your photos. I love Sophie in the snow.

  6. Love it all, wonderful I hope you and Ron and Sophie have a wonder Easter weekend, Happy Easter xxx

  7. What beautiful shots Jim. The cloud formations are really lovely.

  8. I see you're between seasons but progressing toward spring. Good Luck on no more big snows!

  9. I've been going through your March posts and catching up! LOL! When I stop and go back through a bunch of your posts, it's fun to see all the different topics! Your winter shots are spectacular! I love the winter and snow, but I think you've had your fair share. I saw a photo on Ron's blog of you and SD sitting on the edge of MacDonald Hill, and then you have the shot of the erosion at the edge of the hilltop! Seriously ~ sitting on the edge! Loved the paintings of your friend June who went to France. I was glad to see the portrait of Ron up a couple of posts later, because I couldn't believe you left it out! That is a wonderful portrait! The most surprising thing I read was that you had never looked up at the top of a tree from underneath it until 1973! You definitely needed Ronnie in your life! Glad he straightened that out in short order. I always enjoy Thich Nhat Hanh's quotes. He really resonates with me. I loved what he wrote about our ancestors being in every cell of our bodies. I know they are on a genetic level, but it's wonderful to think that it could be more than that. And Frankie MacDonald is a hoot! Mom's father's people (MacDonalds) came from around Mabou and Lake Ainsley. Maybe Frankie and I are distant relatives! And those surfers! Makes the guys on Waikiki look like fair weather surfers. I love your blog, Jim! Happy Easter!


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