Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Goes On

This morning is my brother-in-law, Ken's funeral.

I know the church will be filled with family and friends.

We will all be reminded how he was such a good person
and how he loved to sit and talk/discuss just about anything.

His death has left a very real hole in his children's lives
and that of his grandchildren.

On Monday evening Ron and I dropped by his daughter's home.
She, her husband and their two girls, were doing the best
they could considering what the past two weeks has brought them.

Here are a few photos of our visit:

This is Smokey, a Mini Rex rabbit they have had for about three months.
It is the softest little thing I have ever felt.
And very friendly and curious.

These are tulips that were being encouraged to open just a little
for the upcoming service.

Their colours exuded a brilliance and hope for the future.

Yes,  life does stop and take a different turn.
This turn creates a new 'track' or 'road' on which we move forward.

The oldest of Ken's granddaughters with her very first pet, Smokey.
Life needs to go on.


  1. This is so beautiful and compassionate and yet life needs to go on...outstanding photo so heartwarming and brilliant, wonderful you , Jim

  2. My heart breaks for the family... I will continue in prayer for them. Jim, as you know I lost my brother several months ago after a short battle with cancer. This was by far the worse thing I have ever experienced. For many reasons, the service for him was delayed for over a month. I was thankful for the service - where so many came together who loved him and we were able to talk of old times and fond memories. I hope and pray this funeral service for your brother in law will be a stepping stone to healing for the family. For me, it was closure and a time of starting anew. There's nothing more sad than losing someone so close. But they stay with you for your entire life, because a piece of your heart belongs to their memory. Sometimes I will tear up when I think of my brother... but mostly now, I smile. I love these pictures and especially the granddaughter and the bunny. Pets can bring us so much comfort. (((HUGS))) from Gracie and me.

  3. I've been thinking a lot about you and your family, Jim ~ sending you BIG Hugs and lots of love. What lovely flowers! And what a sweet and poignant photo of your great niece! I'm sorry that everyone is hurting so badly right now. Take care!

  4. Lovely photographs and sentiments, Jim.

  5. the fact that life goes on is never as evident as when someone dies. it feels like life has stopped for those effected by the loss but everywhere you look, people are carrying on with their lives.

  6. One of life's hardest realities-lovely post Jim

  7. Jim - thank for writing this, I really enjoyed the beautiful words and photos.

  8. When our so much loved family member leaves forever, it feels as though the world has stopped, but surely, sunrise will happen everyday. My thoughts are with you all for this final farewell, and tulips unfolding, a new family pet, a beautiful young lady, all part of the circle of life. 5.27.a.m. Thursday, here, nearly 2.30 p.m. your time, I hope your family and all friends have faced this with love, happy memories, some tears and much happiness as they remember Ken as he was in each of their lives. Hugs, Jean.

  9. The real meaning of life still occasionally intrudes on our busy and heedless lives to bring us up short, doesn't it? I know your brother-in-law will get a good sendoff from family and friends. Condolences again to all who will miss him.

  10. My sympathy to all of you, his loved ones. I'm so sorry for this, Jim. Life does indeed need to go on but our heart aches as it does when someone special leaves us. I hope in time the wonderful memories he left you all with will bring comfort.

  11. Instead of "this morning," perhaps it should be called "this mourning." My condolences.


  12. Another hard day... Beautiful flowers, lovely child and a warm fuzzy...

  13. Such a difficult time for you all. This post was so moving and beautiful.

  14. Thanks so much everyone for your warm and kind thoughts.
    The service went very well and the reception afterwards was a time to catch up with so many people I haven't seen in years.
    All will be well once again.

  15. lovely photos and know this is a hard time in your families lives. Will keep them in my thoughts!

  16. So very sorry for your loss. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.



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