Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Goes On

This morning is my brother-in-law, Ken's funeral.

I know the church will be filled with family and friends.

We will all be reminded how he was such a good person
and how he loved to sit and talk/discuss just about anything.

His death has left a very real hole in his children's lives
and that of his grandchildren.

On Monday evening Ron and I dropped by his daughter's home.
She, her husband and their two girls, were doing the best
they could considering what the past two weeks has brought them.

Here are a few photos of our visit:

This is Smokey, a Mini Rex rabbit they have had for about three months.
It is the softest little thing I have ever felt.
And very friendly and curious.

These are tulips that were being encouraged to open just a little
for the upcoming service.

Their colours exuded a brilliance and hope for the future.

Yes,  life does stop and take a different turn.
This turn creates a new 'track' or 'road' on which we move forward.

The oldest of Ken's granddaughters with her very first pet, Smokey.
Life needs to go on.

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