Friday, April 3, 2015

Along The Edge

Come for a walk with us 
and don't get too close to the edge.....

Walking up MacDonald Hill (we don't have real mountains in Nova Scotia)
and heading southeast along the top.

Just over the crest of the hill we can see the erosion that has taken place this winter.

Ron and Sophie in the lead heading down the other side
and now heading east towards the beach.

Looking down we see surfers calling it a day.
It is low tide.

Sophie walking through a stream
 and seeing some grass which she is very pleased to see.

This is Lawrencetown Beach we are facing.
Sophie has a ball here in the summer swimming out with the surfers.
 She is counting the days!!

Heading back up and over the hill.

A look to the left at the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hey, you guys were pretty good,
now let me take a head count......


  1. I say you're doing very well with you slices of heaven :)

    1. Thanks, Lorraine. We like our 'heaven' too.

  2. Brrr... It still looks cold, but such an amazingly beautiful place. Have you thought of getting Sophie her own surfboard?

    1. The temperature here all depends on the wind factor, Mitchell, as I am sure you know, having been brought up on the east coast yourself.
      The 'coldness' can double. This particular day it was pretty good, by our standards....not Mediterranean standards.
      I think we will stick to 'balls'....even though I am sure she could master the board quite easily!! lol (this is one of her daddies talking)!!

  3. Replies
    1. YES YOU WOULD, Martha! It looks like one of those day trips you and your husband take on your bikes!

  4. winter sure seems to be holding on up there! we have 70 degrees weather and rain. everything is bursting out of the ground!

    1. I suspect that will happen here once the ice is gone, Joyce. I just got back from the city and it was 13C ! So we are getting there.

  5. Looks like a small piece of heaven to me, but {no real mountains ? Maybe it's time to think of a trip to NZ. Plenty of them here, both North and South. I'm sure that water will warm up soon, and Sophie, you'll be back to your favourite playing.

    1. Actually Jean, there are small mountains/large hills in a couple of locations in NS but they pale in comparison to our Rockies or your mountains.
      Would LOVE to see NZ! Maybe one day.
      Yes, Sophie is dying to go swimming!!

  6. You live in a beautiful part of the world.


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