Friday, April 3, 2015

Along The Edge

Come for a walk with us 
and don't get too close to the edge.....

Walking up MacDonald Hill (we don't have real mountains in Nova Scotia)
and heading southeast along the top.

Just over the crest of the hill we can see the erosion that has taken place this winter.

Ron and Sophie in the lead heading down the other side
and now heading east towards the beach.

Looking down we see surfers calling it a day.
It is low tide.

Sophie walking through a stream
 and seeing some grass which she is very pleased to see.

This is Lawrencetown Beach we are facing.
Sophie has a ball here in the summer swimming out with the surfers.
 She is counting the days!!

Heading back up and over the hill.

A look to the left at the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hey, you guys were pretty good,
now let me take a head count......

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