Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This week had seven days.....

A 'spring' tree at Province House (legislature property) in Halifax.

Remains of a British fort in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax.

And the remains of a fallen tree in the park.

New and tender Beech leaves.

Taking a new trail overlooking Halifax Harbour. 
The dead trees are the result of Hurricane Juan in 2003 
when 10,000 trees were destroyed in this park alone.

Colourful lichen.

A very grand Beech tree.

One of about three gazebos at the park.

Same gazebo but 'altered'.

My aunt Annabel with my Dad at a concert on Thursday (Ron in background).

My 'double' first cousin, Cheryl, singing at the concert for veterans.
Her mother is my aunt Annabel who is my mother's sister
and who was married to my father's brother....thus 'double' first cousin.

My father, Jimmie, with Cheryl and Aunt Annabel (who has just 
recently moved into a seniors facility in the city).

Ron in front garden taking photos of a dwarf rhododendron's first blossoms.

Taking it all in stride.

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