Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This week had seven days.....

A 'spring' tree at Province House (legislature property) in Halifax.

Remains of a British fort in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax.

And the remains of a fallen tree in the park.

New and tender Beech leaves.

Taking a new trail overlooking Halifax Harbour. 
The dead trees are the result of Hurricane Juan in 2003 
when 10,000 trees were destroyed in this park alone.

Colourful lichen.

A very grand Beech tree.

One of about three gazebos at the park.

Same gazebo but 'altered'.

My aunt Annabel with my Dad at a concert on Thursday (Ron in background).

My 'double' first cousin, Cheryl, singing at the concert for veterans.
Her mother is my aunt Annabel who is my mother's sister
and who was married to my father's brother....thus 'double' first cousin.

My father, Jimmie, with Cheryl and Aunt Annabel (who has just 
recently moved into a seniors facility in the city).

Ron in front garden taking photos of a dwarf rhododendron's first blossoms.

Taking it all in stride.


  1. Wonderful collection of photos! Those family pictures are great. Your dad is looking good.

    How sad about all those trees being destroyed. 10,000 of them!

    We have a lot of forts and such things around here because Kingston is such an old city. It's always fun to visit these places and take photographs.

    1. Yes Martha, my Dad is doing very well and so enjoyed the concert put on for him and his 'room-mates'.
      The trees in the park are starting to come back slowly after a very concentrated effort and re-planting.
      Kingston sounds like a great place to visit and see.....probably a lot of similarities to Halifax.

  2. A bunch of great shots! Completely taken with that Beech tree, awesome! Your Dad looks fabulous, the "move" seems to have been very good for him. Double cousins - there were eight of us, (3 brothers married 3 sisters) and you would think we would look a lot alike, we don't.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. How uncommon is that? To have 3 sisters marry 3 brothers? And none look alike!
      Cheryl could easily pass for one of my siblings.
      Glad you liked the Beech tree!

  3. Great photos of interesting people, places and things! Enjoy the long weekend!

    1. Thanks Debra. Have a great long weekend yourself! Enjoy.

  4. Aunt Annabel and Dad look great. Interesting that you have a double first cousin.


    1. They are doing very well....all things considered. Yes, she has always been close to my immediate family.

  5. Love your "week in review" Jim. Lots of photo taking opportunities. It's just so pretty where you live--- it's nice to see your family in photos. The double cousin title is pretty unique!!


    1. Thanks Vicki. Have a great weekend!

  6. Aha! I thought that might be a bunker when I saw it on Sophie's blog!
    Your Dad is looking great!
    I'm loving the tender tree leaves. We waited long enough for them.

  7. Hi Y'all,

    Love your beautiful photos.

    BrownDog's Human

  8. Its hard to take in your gray skies and vivid foliage colors of "spring" when it was 104 here this weekend! Haha Spring has rocketed into dry and weary summer down here, lets hope we get some rain soon!


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