Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

A picture album for the week that was.....

Lone tulip in our garden.

Japanese Moon Maple beginning to display it's leaves.

Our 'Elizabeth' Butterfly Magnolia is also opening up.

 As is this blossom on the 'Teddy Bear' rhododendron.

Butterfly Magnolia blossom shedding it's winter coat.

Wild blueberry blossoms at the park.

Foggy scene at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

Colour is more concentrated in fog, don't you think?

Closing in on Copper Beech leaves.

Fog can't and won't stop this sailor.

And away they go....

Very Zen waterfall at the park.

A Chickadee near a native Bilberry tree in the park.

Very friendly Chickadee.

Fresh spring growth.

A view into the Halifax Public Gardens.

Through the iron fence.....

Very patient Sophie.

Colourful homes in Halifax....

On the way to bridge to head back to the eastern shore.

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