Thursday, May 16, 2013

In A Fog....again

Ever been in a fog? I mean really in a fog and not just a little dopey? 

Well here in Nova Scotia this is a very common occurrence 

especially during the month of May. You see Nova Scotia
 is almost an island and not quite completely surrounded by water.

It is therefore a peninsula. And having so much water everywhere

and the winters that we have here in the northern hemisphere,

this is the time of year when things try their darnedest to warm up.

And in that process of getting warmer around all this cold water,

we get a lot of fog. And there is always fog hanging off the coast
right through to the summer months sometimes.

At least it recedes out into the ocean during the warm days and 
waits till night to come in when it's cooler.

 One would think I have gotten used to it by now!

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