Thursday, May 30, 2013

The View From Here

Halifax is a small city compared to Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.
And I am so thankful for that.
In the centre of peninsular Halifax there is a hill.
And on that hill there is an old British Fortress.

The name of that fortress is Citadel Hill  (click).
It is a National Historic Site and is one of Canada's National Parks.

So, on Wednesday afternoon we decided to drive up one side of this hill
and down the other side.
These are a few photos of views from the top.

A few of the many old brick buildings in the city.

You can see Halifax Harbour and that is Dartmouth across the other side.

The Town Clock on the side of Citadel Hill.

A view north.

The ferry making its way across the harbour.

Some construction....

Facing south looking to the mouth of the harbour.

The MacDonald Bridge.

Roof tops....

Halifax is noted for all its trees and these are starting to leaf-out.

That long brick building is Citadel High School 
which replaced my old high school, St.Patrick's.
And I was glad Ron was driving so I could click away.

Sophie enjoyed her view and the ride around the top of the hill.

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