Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Liking 'Being Between A Rock And A Hard Place'

Now I am beginning to realize why so many tourists from all over the world 

come to a very tiny area along the south shore of Nova Scotia called Peggy's Cove. (click)

It is absolutely beautiful there. And is entirely made of granite rock in all shapes and sizes.

 This is called The Whalesback

This was where we found ourselves early Sunday morning and were very happy we did.

Even though it is early May it was sunny and 'warmish' when we arrived.....
about a good hour from 'our' eastern shore.

One has a choice to either go to the village of Peggy's Cove 
or to a couple of other vantage points.

We chose The Whalesback, one of the other locations 
because of number of people that go to the quaint village ,
and also considering we had Sophie with us. She could run free.

This place is really unbelievable, no matter when you go. It is wild and unpredictable 
most of the time and has a landscape from another planet.

The ocean was calm on Sunday and it was low tide so we could explore closer to the water.

Sophie was beyond herself and didn't know what to do first....so much to sniff and explore!

When I found this rock above I didn't know what to think. 
Something from a distant civilization? A distant planet?
What do you think?

The village of Peggy's Cove


  1. Beautiful place, Jim, and great photos! What I've discovered over time is that one need not go very far to enjoy something like this. If we explore the area we live in, we often find some wonderful gems. This country of ours is beautiful from coast to coast, and there is always something waiting to be discovered!

    1. I couldn't agree more Martha! We have it all in Canada!

  2. I've been to Peggy's Cove a couple of times, but haven't been out on the Whalesback -- looks fascinating! Like that shot of the buoy or float washed up on the rocks.

    1. The Whalesback is a kilometre from the village Debra, probably why. There was a very long blue rope attached to that buoy entangled in the rocks.

  3. What a fascinating place! I love those granite formations.

    1. And so many Pat! We have bits and pieces of granite on this shore but nothing like this place.

  4. Wow. Alien visitors. Gotta be! I went to grade school with a girl named Peggy Cove. So you suppose it was named for her?

    1. The one and only Margaret Cove!! Must be the same one!
      Is she on facebook Mitch?

  5. According to that rock, aliens will be back in 2015.
    I would prepare if I were you...

    I'm surprised there's no porn flick called Peggy's Cove...
    Ahem... Never mind!!!

    1. Hey Bruno, thanks for the warning!! I'm sure you know about these things!!lol
      Are you sure? Look under Margaret!! lol

    2. Nah, I would know more about Corey's peg!!!
      I'll let Margaret rest in peace.
      Poor girl!!

  6. I am a person in love with rock - like Sophie, I'd be in heaven exploring here. Your photos show the rock's personality - I see many images when I look closely. We all see what we need to see, I think. Thanks for the photos, Jim!

    1. Hi Barb, so good to see you.
      There is something very secure about rock. It has such a story to tell and I wish I was a geologist to have a more in-depth glimpse of that story.

  7. Decades ago, I was in Halifax for just a few days. The two places I just had to see before I went home were Peggy's Cove and the Bay of Fundy. So glad I did!

  8. You guys are So lucky to have such beautiful places to visit!!!! The pictures are so lovely-- Ron and Sophie sitting in the sun is priceless!

  9. Hi Jim!
    I was back looking at this post again when I couldn't find your Eclectic Tastes post, and I realized that my comment must have been wiped out from before! Now I'm really ticked off at Blogger ~ all morning it's been saying I have no reading list of blogs. The capriciousness of the internet and computers confounds me.

    Your pictures are gorgeous ~ and as I tried to comment before ~ I think your rock is a troll that was dazzled to stone by the morning sun after he hung out with the granite boulders in the moonlight!

    Take care!

    I hope that you and Ron R OK!!!


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