Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm Finished!!

This past weekend we began the task of refinishing our  floors.

It has been a while (say...19 years!!) since we installed them ourselves
which was a task let me tell you! We had professionals in to 'finish' them.

This time around we wanted to do them without using that industrial-sized sander
that could drill right through the floor.

 We heard of a product, a water-based urethane,

that requires just a light sanding and a cleaning before the first coat is put on.

So that is what we did...starting in the kitchen and back steps/landing to the deck.
There were areas that required intense manual sanding (the most worn areas) but
it was a lot less work than I had imagined. 

So after three coats of water-based urethane, this is the result.
It took 48 hours to cure.

You can see above the difference from the kitchen leading
into the living room. The plan is to do the living room
in two sections on two separate sittings/sandings/cleanings.
that will start on Saturday.

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