Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

A dozen photos sum up this past week.....

My morning beverage of choice, Matcha tea.

Found this park thanks to my sister Mim! Amazing how we were not aware of its existence.

Sun through bark at Birch Cove Park.

Chester, the Golden Retriever, who always has two balls on the go......

Coffee break with sister Mim.

Cambridge Battery at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

Peace man! 

Another section at Cambridge Battery.

Ron and Sophie exploring the Battery.

Sophie napping with her 'babies'.

Spring in Nova Scotia.....

Chance meeting at the park.....this is Sarita, a woman with whom I worked for two years 
in the late 1970's at a hospital for emotionally challenged children 
in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
She was a child-care worker and I a teacher of 5 to 12 years olds.
We have kept in touch over the years.

Soon after the hospital, she opened 'the' best vegetarian restaurant in the city 
and retired from that last year after over 25 years in the business.
She leaves for NYC soon for 12 weeks....she will be cooking for the 1000km
marathon that is sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy organization.

It's always good to see Sarita.

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