Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

                  Ever have one of 'those moments' when you realize the stupidity of something 

             you just said? Well the other day I was listening to something on the radio and  

                       in describing a person, the speaker mentioned that the person was black. 

             What difference did that make? The fact that they were black, white or brown

           really had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. We do this all the 

                  time....distinguish people with labels whether it be their size, age, height, 

                religion, race, gay, lesbian, straight, covered in tattoos, and the list goes on.

              An important thing to remember when talking with or about somebody else is 

                      the fact that they are human beings first and foremost. How they look, 

                    who they are, what religion they follow, what political party they support

                                 Birdbath at dusk
                                      and their sexual orientation is really irrelevant, and  
is making a rash judgement. It really shouldn't matter.


  1. Very true Jim, well said. There are plenty of people, politicians particularly (of whatever denomination), who spout utter crap whatever thier race, colour, creed or sexual orientation.

    Unless of course the person being described is a pedophile nazi with bright green skin, in which case there's an argument to suggest that may be entirely justifyable.

  2. This is so true. I think most of us do this without even thinking about it.

  3. For years now, I've tried to avoid saying things like that. I'll describe the tall man with the red shirt and someone will say " Oh! The black guy"
    Totally unnecissary.
    So I keep doing what I do and hope that I'm setting an example for someone, somewhere. It's good to know that I'm not alone.

  4. Amen brother - I agree with everything you said. As the mother of two brown kids, I get very tired of them being labelled by the colour of their skin.

    Gorgeous shots of the birdbath!

  5. true! There IS a time when a label will fit perfectly.

    Plowing.....I think it has become part of the vernacular. you are not alone. We can only do what we can do. must get very frustrating for you at times! Glad you liked the shots. When I saw the sun hit it, I was on it like a flash! lol

  6. Well, hello there, nice to meet you :) Just saw that you've started following my blog.

    Great post! I've looked back through a few of yours already, and I love them. I'll be happily returning the 'follow'.


  7. "Ever have one of 'those moments' when you realize the stupidity of something "


  8. I'm with you ladyfi I'm the grandmother of three beautiful brown skinned boys and when my daughter was pregnant with the first my church secretary said to me....

    "I don't know how your going to do it, not that I'm prejudiced or anything!"

    I can't imagine what she was thinking but I was terribly offended as you can imagine.

    Great post and great photo's Jim.

  9. Hi Jim, I have often said that this would be a very different world if the human race was sightless. We would accept others wholeheartedly, unless their actions proved otherwise. Gorgeous colour! I'm a new follower :)

  10. I remember a medical expertise where it was stated I am tattooed all over my body... I failed to see the pertinence of this statement, but it was clear the doctor was biased against me, and his report proved just that. He was rude in person, and unprofessional on paper, letting his personal prejudice taint his evaluation of my condition. Somehow, some people make it a point to prove on a daily basis just what an A-hole they can be...

    I like Jane's comment, people being sightless. there's a notion. We would finally listen to each other and might even reconcile a few points of view... Just a few!!


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