Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

                  Ever have one of 'those moments' when you realize the stupidity of something 

             you just said? Well the other day I was listening to something on the radio and  

                       in describing a person, the speaker mentioned that the person was black. 

             What difference did that make? The fact that they were black, white or brown

           really had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. We do this all the 

                  time....distinguish people with labels whether it be their size, age, height, 

                religion, race, gay, lesbian, straight, covered in tattoos, and the list goes on.

              An important thing to remember when talking with or about somebody else is 

                      the fact that they are human beings first and foremost. How they look, 

                    who they are, what religion they follow, what political party they support

                                 Birdbath at dusk
                                      and their sexual orientation is really irrelevant, and  
is making a rash judgement. It really shouldn't matter.

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