Monday, January 9, 2012

Contemplative Monday

To continue from last Monday about Blame and Justification, which I call the 'blame game', Pema Chodron suggests we keep this in mind:

     " Seeing when you justify yourself and when you blame others is not a reason to criticize

                         yourself, but actually an opportunity to recognize what all people do

        and how it imprisons us in a very limited perspective of this world. It's a chance to see

        that you are holding on to your interpretation of reality; it allows you to reflect that that's 

                    all it is----nothing more, nothing less; just your interpretation of reality."

Taken from Pema Chodron's online 'Heart Advice' column.


  1. Very true!
    I'm just glad I'm always right.

  2. I thought I was wrong once. But I was mistaken.

  3. To reflect on things is good. Photos are amazing. I feel at peace looking at them.

  4. Beautiful header and photo`s - I agree with Inger , feeling very calm and serene and at one with nature looking at them x

  5. Just became friends with Sophie and Ron last week. Wanted to say hi Jim. These photographs are amazing, being able to see the reflections in the drops, wow!

  6. Those raindrops are so ready to fall. Way cool.

  7. Wonderful upside down trees in those drops!

    Great header too.


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