Friday, January 6, 2012

Mish Mash Friday

This has been a busy  and 'fun' week! I started a knitting project, another 'throw' and

           to keep fueled we found time for food! So on New Year's Eve afternoon we picked up 

                     our favourite pizza at Salvatore's. It is called the 'original' with spinach 

                      and portobello mushrooms. It is as delicious as it looks. The next day,

         being New Year's Day, we went out for Thai food. This (above) was the start of a 'feast'.

Early on New Years Day we headed to the beach and found this uprooted tree stuck in the sand.

          It is like a 'tree graveyard' along this end of the beach and begging to be photographed!

                        Tuesday was Ron's birthday and there were a few gifts to open.

       Thursday was 'oil change' time, so off to a drive thru. Great staff and they LOVE Sophie!

                           While waiting in a very short line, this was staring us in the face. 

                                  And Sophie was waiting patiently in the back seat.

       And of course there is a always time to 'capture' how I see the moment. I can't imagine it 

                        any other way. I never get tired of the ever-changing oceanscape.

                                                Wonder  where these are leading?

                                   Sunset through the bedroom window caught my eye.

                    I figure the key to taking 'good' photos is to notice the things around you.

  And as Ron is embracing Sophie's new best friend, Mocha, I will bid this week adieu......

I am glad it's Friday after this eventful week. And like the two above I am looking forward to getting to my Dad's tonight (my night with him) and 'hitting the sack' early.

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