Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

I was thinking (no wise cracks!) and it occurred to me that there are similarities between photography and life.

Both require a certain degree of focusing. And the outcome for both can be directly dependent on what the focus is 'set' at. For example:

I was at a funeral on Tuesday. My cousin's husband died. 

While sitting in the church waiting for things to proceed, Ron and I were looking around the building from our pew.

It was quiet.

It was one of those 70's buildings where it was wide open and airy with a very tall a-frame/cathedral (quite appropriate I must say) ceiling.

I looked up. And directly above me was a HUGE crucifix with the body of Christ hanging from it. He was dead, and hanging towards us.

Having grown up in the Roman Catholic religion, I used to take all this for granted....the statues, grand churches etc. 

On this particular morning I couldn't help but be a little overwhelmed by the image of that body  hanging just ahead of and above us.

It wasn't an endearing image, nor was it soothing in any manner. To be honest I found it to be a bit disturbing.

I began to wonder what the rationale would have been to place this crucifix there. I can't imagine it being anything but scary and bewildering to children....and maybe some adults.

Here is where the 'focus' comes in. In the past this would have sent me in the direction of blaming  the church for so many things in my life.

Instead I decided to go in another direction, or have a different focus setting.

I think religions in general have something very important to offer us. I just wonder and question sometimes the manner in which they choose to do this.

Maybe it is 'age' that has changed my focus somewhat on a number of things that used to infuriate me.

I still feel the passion I had back in my youth about certain issues but I have changed the focus........less anger and more compassion.

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