Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Does Not This Family Look Like Any Other?

In the blogging world we all get to 'meet' people. 

We get to know them to varying degrees. 

Some leave a lasting impression.

This is an example of a family Ron and I have met this past year.

Now, you tell me if this does not warrant recognition as being a legitimate family.

And if you happen to be an American citizen maybe you can help and do something about where these two guys, and many others, find themselves because of some law that states they are not a 'legitimate' family.

Here is  Mark's post today.

P.S. In my haste to 'post' this story, I posted some information that wasn't accurate. I apologize for this. It has since been corrected.


  1. amazing story and a beautiful family. I wish them all the best and send my prayers for their hearing today. I will never understand the Defense of Marriage Act and just what it is that is is defending. They are no less a perfect, loving family than could it possibly be wrong?

  2. I am glad I know you friend : )
    LOVE your header. Amazing.

  3. Thanks Jojo for setting me straight! I owe you! lol

  4. Well, they sure have a full plate, facing all of that bureaucracy and prejudice. Maybe a derogation could be made, but it won't be made into law. leaving other families with the same predicament... Americans can be so stubborn in some regards.It is as if some of them refuse to evolve. But in Life, you either evolve, or regress and die.

    Good luck to all of them. It would be sad to see the family being dismantled because someone deems it is not a family worth saving.


  5. That is shocking. I had no idea families could be threatened like that.

  6. Jim,
    That any family in this country could be threatened and possibly torn apart just makes me sad and more than a little shocked.

    This just shouldn't be.

    Mark, Fred and those precious children deserve better!

  7. That is really just so shocking. I can't imagine what they are going through! I hope things went well for them and somewhere, somehow there's common sense out there that allows this beautiful family to stay together.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Good Morning Jim.
    Thank you for this. I'm overwhelmed with the outpouring of love that we are receiving. Thanks for using the power of your blog to share our story. We are two of thousands that are in this boat.
    I don't know what else to say but Thank You.


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