Saturday, January 14, 2012

Retro Saturday....."Transformagic'

While at my Dad's house the other day I was rooting around and tidying up a linen closet, I found a box of my mother's craft/knitting booklets. The one above caught my eye. I figure it was from the late 60's or early 70's.

          It showed you how to turn a 'handsome chest and mirror' (or 'a sad old relic') into

       this above! A miracle done with painting! Or, you can turn an 'old round dining room

            table' into a coffee table.....again with paint. And how about those old wooden chairs...

                                  a coat of paint and some stenciling and voila! Brand new!!!

          Nowadays this would be sacrilegious and unheard even 'touch' anything 'old' 

             and alter the 'patina' in any way. How the 'value' of things will change over time.


  1. Laughing to myself -I preferred the "before " rather than the "after" in all of those pictures !! Then I finished reading your comments-glad that you agreed !

  2. THIS lovely "vintage" book is just too beautiful, Jim.....!

    Transforming "old", "used" but always still loved furniture into "new" ones ...; I'd call it one of the many "feminine passions"..!! FABULOUS!!!! I see your lovely mom had this passion too...!

    ...changing once in a while decor; without emptying the wallet completely;creating even "art"...; absolutely fantastic....; plus the wise "economic" choice of "homemoms" in older and modern times!

    Caro Jim, keep it in a safe place, this beautiful treasure...!!

    ciao ciao & a sunny weekend!

  3. I love looking at old books and magazines like that! They really give you an idea of how people lived and though in a different era. The ads in old magazines are really good for that,some of them are so funny now!

  4. Let's hope anyone who had this booklet didn't have any Chippendales, eh?

  5. I was thinking "Why would anyone want to screw up those lovely old antiques?" I'll bet a lot of nice things got ruined... :(

  6. I remember when the thing was to paint everything up and then the huge job to change it all back!! I love looking through old magazines and catalogues :)

  7. What an awesome book! I have all of my Mother's and Grandmothers old knitting and craft books. They're great!

  8. That booklet is a treasure!! When we bought this house, my brother-in-law volunteered to go up in the attic for me (which meant squeezing through a tiny 2x2 opening in the ceiling of my son's closet!!) and found boxes of goodies like that. I saved a few Ladies Home Journal (I think) from the 1950s. Very cool!

  9. just based on the font and style I would put that book back to the 50's early 60's

    And yikes some of those transoformations explains when you now find beautifule but tortured wood under painted wonders

    I remember my mother paying dearly for stripping latex off oak chairs she found in a shop in the early 70's

  10. Funny how the times have changed! Whenever I am looking and choosing which older pieces to put a european finish to I would never...never put paint to any piece that can be restored! There are some pieces that are beyond hope though and I enjoy repurposing when possible.

  11. I spat my coffee out when I saw what they'e done to that table!!!

  12. Chris....I know what you mean!

  13. What you can't do with paint, you can use contact paper.
    What a time period it was. But people didn't replace things like we do today. And sometimes, like with the mirror, getting rid of the ornateness, also meant getting rid of dust and germ collectors.
    A clean house, meant a healthy lifestyle.

  14. I love the retro Saturday posts. I found a couple of old craft books recently (knit and crochet) and thought of you. They were in a box of stuff from my grandmother's house, stuff that I'd never gone through before. What a treasure!


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