Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Keen at all With GOP Views

I subscribe to the 'newsfeed' below, Keen News Service. Their purpose, or at least one of them, is to 'expose', if you will, view points which are counter to theirs.....especially if it does not support the rights of gays and lesbians.

On issues where the health and welfare of individuals is directly affected, I make no bones about where my support lies. In this case I do not agree with any of the statements made by these men representing the Republican party of the US. When religion is used behind which to hide their bigotry, I have no tolerance.

Furthermore, I find it extremely difficult to understand how any of these individuals, for that matter anybody else too, can be so bigoted against a group of people and so blatantly show their limited and uneducated bias.

Isn't this a rehash of 50's and 60's when certain people tried similar tactics with the African Americans? Who will the next group be after gays/lesbians get their universal right to marry? Let's see.......overweight people maybe? Or what about Latinos?

It appears to me that any chance of evolving  the human species has taken a sudden backward turn into the 'middle ages'.......especially with this particular group of people in the Republican party.


  1. The best GOP candidates are appalling and the worst GOP candidates are absolutely appalling.

  2. Living in the U.S. in the 21st century is like living in the Dark Ages, only worse.

  3. Debra....I do agree! Must be very discouraging to the electorate, don't you think?!

    Jim.....I can't imagine the frustration that some people are feeling.

  4. thank you for stopping by and i couldn't agree more..will read through the article after walking the dogs .

  5. "Marriage is, as Newt said, a foundational institution of our country"
    Or 2 or 3 marriages, and i have a feeling that if our current government thought it had an iota of a chance, we be in for a rude awakening.

  6. Now I'm sorry that I missed "Comedy Hour" on ABC the other evening. I was busy raising four children who came from "less than desirable" heterosexual relationships.
    Jim, what can I say? These guys are a mess! Don't worry, I won't defend them.
    I got nothing else.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. How could any self-respecting Republican vote for any one of them?
    Incredible! If this is the best the GOP can do, we are politically bankrupt!

    One of the main aims/goals of the GOP since President Obama was elected has been to assure that he serve only one term. That was publicly stated, more than once. And then the candidates have kept repeating it. So the GOP is pushing right back into office. Do they think any one of there crew is going to win over Mr Obama?!

    Then as you point out JIM, and others who commented also, the rewriting of facts to fit their whims, and the blatant ignorance on GLBT issues. . .! I'd be ashamed and frankly embarrassed to spout the crap they do. . .Santorum is among the worst. . and Perry doesn't know any better.
    Could one even hold him to culpable ignorance? He seems just too dumb. How did he get elected Governor of Texas. Is Texas suffering from intellectual burn-out as well as drought?

    We need to keep HOPE alive!


  8. Jim:
    Haven't you heard? Latinos have been getting their share of blatant hate for ages, too. Check out Arizona politics for an example. I am in complete agreement with Debra She Who Seeks and with Mark!

  9. Mitch......yes I am aware of the 'politics' in Arizona and have been following/watching for the past couple of years. Unbelievable!

    Justin....yes! For sure! We MUST have hope that things will get better for one of the best countries in the world! I am waiting for someone to 'appear' and rescue the Republican Party and to help restore faith into the democratic process.

    Mark....I can appreciate your disappointment in the GOP.It must be very frustrating to see this happening.

    CorvusC......I agree!

  10. Very well put, Jim, and I couldn't agree more. They make me sick.

  11. Unless they come up with someone different, well the GOP doesn't stand a prayer's chance in hell. I have never seen so many idiots!

  12. what a pathetic group of morons they are...and that is quite insulting to morons let me tell you!! We can only hope it will get better and that our message will get through eventually. I can't believe how many people eat this stuff up like manna...it makes me ill.

  13. Your introduction here resonates with the comment I left on the "newer" post. Is the American Empire on the decline? It looks like greed and religion(s) will be their downfall. Scary to have a dying titan dying next door.

  14. Ticklebear......yes! And I hope hope it is NOT contagious!

  15. Well,
    Harper is another matter altogether...
    Let's not get into that.
    It's getting late here and I need to go to bed, now!!


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