Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eclectic Tastes

It is Remembrance Day here in Canada today and it is all about the sacrifices
that our Armed Forces made for us in past wars.

This video shows what helped them get through the horrors of war.

Now, if you can remain seated during this clip, we need to talk!!

Grab the closest thing near you, be it human or otherwise, (Sophie is often my partner!)
and don't stop till you drop!

You may have to click where it says: Watch On You Tube


  1. I loved that...that old fashioned glamour. And doesn't Christine Agulera look so much better when she's classic sexy.

    God bless our soldiers and their families.

  2. Are those the original words?! I like it.

  3. A worthy successor to Betty Grable's gams!

  4. this! It's impossible to sit through this one! My nearest partner was my cat. I can't say she was happy about that ;)

  5. And it's Veteran's Day here in the U.S. Thanks to all who fought for freedom.

  6. This is a great song and a great form of remembrance. My father would have loved it.

  7. Jim-- an amazing video!! Can you and Sophie do all that??? Times were tough and those guys deserved every bit of diversion that came their way. Ours is a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid--

  8. I loved this! This was the song that was used in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport flash dance. It is impossible to sit through!

    1. That's right Louise! And you were the inspiration behind this one! Thanks.

    2. Wow! Thanks Jim. You and Ron have given so much to me! Payback is nice!

  9. Hi Jim,
    I remember this video, such energy. Remembering and thinking of all the troops past and present!


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