Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photos of the Week

My favourite photo this week was the one below of my father.
On Monday we were in Halifax and decided to pop in to visit Dad.
We are usually there on Friday but thought let's surprise him.
Sophie was very keen to do this because it meant TONS of treats from Pops!
And much to her's and our surprise, my sister Mim and her partner Michael
were there too with their dog, Maggie! And to complete the picture my brother Laurie showed up as well.......a full house in a small room.

As can be seen by the expression on Dad's face, he was overjoyed to see his two
favourite dogs.

His face says it all. Dad is content to be at this veterans hospital.

The next photo is one taken of Sophie on the way back to the car after her visit.
Usually when she visits she is the only dog there, so today with a little competition
in her midst, aka Maggie, Sophie 'played herself out'!

Still wearing her ID around her neck she dragged herself back to the car. It's a lot of responsibility you know to have to be careful around a 96 year old person!!

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