Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

The garden is full of metaphors any time of the year.

Take these leaves which have fallen from the Japanese Maple (Bloodgood) for example.

They are representative of the changes that this tree is now going through.

It is part of this plant's life's cycle to renew itself and shed all 'past appearances', it's leaves.

 It is now time for this plant to move forward and prepare itself for the next phase in it's life.

This all happens so automatically, it's as if it is on 'automatic pilot'.

These fallen leaves also play a part in this plant's future.

They will eventually decompose into the soil and supply nourishment
to, I guess, itself,

and help restart the whole process for years to come.

I know Botany 101 is not 'rocket science' my any stretch of the

but it is a simple metaphor like this that can give us some perspective.

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