Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes No Planning Is Good Planning

OK. You start with yarn.

Throw in a cushion.

And then a dinner plate.

And what will you get?

Well, a partially knitted round throw, a cushion, and a dinner plate with similar colours!

This menagerie of things was not planned. 
Each was bought at separate times and put away.

Recently I was looking for a pattern I liked 
to have for a daily plate and remembered this one.
But I have only one! Luckily for me it is still available on-line.

The cushions,there are two, were bought at a second hand store 
because I liked their retro look.

And lastly, the yarn was bought a couple of years ago 
and it was all in a large bag of 
random colours.....you had to buy the whole bag.

Yesterday I noticed that there is a colour theme happening here.....
it really wasn't intentional by any means.

Guess I must really like these colours!

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