Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have A Seat

This has been a very 'hectic' week around least emotionally.

I am not one to post about personal things that often, but this past week I learned something about myself.....I love to build 'mountains out of molehills' when it comes to my health.

Long story short.....two months ago I tested positive on a provincial research study on colon cancer in Nova Scotia for people over 50.

They told me I needed a colonoscopy to determine the reason for this result.
I was screened a month ago and told what to expect with this procedure .
Seemed the preparation was going to be the worst of it........ fasting from solid foods and only having clear liquids.......for what turned out to be 36 hours.

I had the 'procedure' last Thursday morning. It proved to be very painful even after partial sedation and pain medication. They stopped it a quarter of the way through and sent me to get x-rays and a cat scan (ct scanning).

This does not mean that everyone would react the same way I did. Some people have it done with no sedation and others have it done under anesthesia.

Yesterday the doctor called and told me that 'all was well' and that everything looked good.

Whew! You would not believe the 'stories' I had going in my head about what if's and maybe this!
Then again, maybe you would.

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