Friday, January 13, 2012

A Continuation On A Theme

                                               I feel life can be a balancing act.

                              "Sometimes we all lose our balance and fall," says Stew.

                                        "The trick is to get back up," he continues.

                                    "And sometimes it goes SPLASH!" commented Debra.

                                       And what a wonderful splash life can create!


  1. Hej och tack för en trevlig blogg! Tack för dina bilder och fin text!

    Google translate
    Hello and thanks for a nice blog! Thanks for your images and fine text!


  2. Visually gorgeous....symbolic and poetic!

  3. Beautiful! You have some wise and perceptive followers :)

  4. What fun to see a comment in Swedish on your blog. Have to check her out. Your pictures are beyond beautiful and it is so lovely to know that you think on things. I can feel your desire to learn, to grow, to become more in tune with your spiritual heart.


Hey, I really like your comments and appreciate the time you took to do so.

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