Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

          The unexpected........On Christmas Eve morning we were up very early. We had a few 

         errands to run in Halifax (about 30 minutes away). We decided to get the walk in first, 

so we headed to the park in the city before we had brunch. The route we take in the park 

              takes about an hour to get around. It was a brisk day so our pace reflected this.

                 By the end we were ready for brunch. Got to the restaurant and were the first 

           ones there. Placed our order and while we were waiting a bird became very interested

                 in what we were about to have. I could tell this little fella/gal had done this before

               probably in the summer when the doors and windows are opened and could then

retrieve any 'crumbs' that may fall to the ground. Today however there were none to be had.

In no time he realized that it would be a futile task. Nothing much to do but sit and stare.

                                     We had company last week while at brunch in Halifax. 
                                     This little creature is very common in these parts....thus the name, 
                                    The Common Starling.

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