Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New Duo MainTenanT

Our friend, Marilyn, forwarded this to us the other day. She is a dance instructor and she thought we would enjoy this. 

In the early 90's Ron and I were in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo as dancers. It was here that we met Marilyn and we have stayed in touch ever since.

If you like dance then you will appreciate these two. It is not dance in it's purest form by any means, but a mix of gymnastic moves put to music.

Before you try any of these moves please clear out the furniture and wear a helmet! lol


  1. När jag ser eller hör någon göra en prestation som verkligen kommer innifrån, kommer mina tårar automatiskt.
    Mina ögon tåras och jag njuter av denna underbara dans! Tack!

    When I see or hear anyone make a performance that really comes from within, will my tears automatically.
    My eyes is filled with tears and I enjoy this wonderful dance!
    Thank you!

  2. Incredible!
    I just want to be thin like that dude. After two weeks of walking, I've gained a pound. I blame the kids. If they would finish their dinner, I wouldn't have to "clean" off their plates.

  3. Very cool! I love to dance, but am far from being able to do anything like this!

  4. That's so cool that you were dancers in the Tattoo!

  5. That they can do that without looking like it's strenuos, is amazing.

  6. Wow...they show such great strength and trust as partners! I love to dance and dream I can dance like these two lol.

  7. Connie.....me too! I KNOW I can! NOT!

    Stew....that's the key I guess. They must collapse off-stage! lol

    Debra.....it was a lot of fun....you may have enjoyed that too.

    Martha....with some practice you may surprise yourself!

    Mark....keep walking and THEN give it a try.

    Chris....yes watch your back!

    Lola....so glad it made you cry! I think. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  8. Bloody hell ! amazing - wish I could dance like that -loved it, great video x

  9. Janet....no excuse that you and John can start practicing. I bet you guys did dance as kids, no?

  10. I do that in the kitchen to entertain myself whilst cooking dinner .... ok, I can't back that up!

  11. P.S. I was properly impressed that you and Jim used to be dancers!!

  12. Wow, besides being amazing dancers, they are true athletes!
    I'd love to dance in the snowflakes, but it's -27C here... lol!

  13. Holy cow! I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be so fit, so strong, so young and graceful.


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