Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Selection

I came across this video while looking for something to post for today. It's been 'around the block' a few times for sure.

But what better time for the world to stop again and take notice. And more importantly, what better time to act on it's message. We could use a John Lennon around this world of ours! Don't ya think?


  1. Yes, and love that white room and white piano. Iconic, just like the song.

  2. I have always loved this song. Thanks!

  3. I quoted this song in my post today. This video is lovely. I'd never seen it before. He was So young...

  4. Very true Jim. Let's have Lennon back and exchange him for McCartney!

  5. Sniffle sniffle, I need a tissue.

  6. embedding is disabled...
    but i know that vid very well.
    social awareness seems different nowadays. i think it is our lack of focus that prevents us from taking proper action. there's so much going on and we are aware of everything instantly...

    we need a poet to become the catalyst of all of our angst so we can commune and come to a resolution to all of these problems...

    nice to dream!!

  7. Beautiful song - have always loved it!

  8. I love this song, Jim. It had my vote back in the day and it remains the same today.
    Imagine a world living in peace.. Priceless!
    Pam i am :D


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