Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

It hit me last week when I was at Dad's as he and my brother Freddie were talking. 

My father is not the least bit 'cluttered'. To come think of it, he never was. He looks at things in very simple terms and doesn't 'muddy the waters'. What you see, is what you get. Like it or lump it. No big deal to him.

Dad is 95 years old. He is more lucid than some 70 year-olds. His sense of humour is very much intact and if it wasn't for his hearing loss, he could 'keep up' with the rest of us in conversation.

James Sr. has always had a 'light' approach to life. He is the consummate joker. It used to get on my nerves and well, it still does after a while. I remember as a kid I never found it funny. I was more serious, like my mother.

In retrospect, if I had had a choice, it would have been nice to appreciate Dad's 'outlook' a little more back then. Maybe I would have acquired some of his lightness of being.

Hey, maybe it's not too late. Lighten up Jim!

    As a kid I used to play in the small park in front of these buildings in the north end of Halifax.     I lived just down the street towards the harbour.

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