Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Taste is a very subjective it food, what one chooses to wear, the movies you like, the party you vote for, and the humour you enjoy.

We all don't have the same tastes and that is a good thing as the world would be a very dull place if we all thought alike about everything there is to think about.

Sometimes I don't think the things that Ron finds funny are funny at all. And I know he feels the same way. This is what keeps us 'interested' and 'interesting'.

                            Reflections of autumn

I believe it is what makes this world an interesting place in which to live.......different tastes and ideas.


  1. I agree, Jim. It tickles me when I see young people feel that have to get multi-piercing all over their faces - they want to be 'different' yet they want to be 'in' and the way I see it, you can't be both. Just be yourself. now, are those trees upside down or is it just me?

  2. Gorgeous photograph - love the autumn,it`s my favourite time of year and yes Totally agree with you !!

  3. Lovely reflections!

    I agree - DH likes the Three Stooges, and I can't stand them. I will actually get up and leave if he stays on that channel - which he seldom does ;-)

  4. chris and I NEVER laugh at the same things
    thank f*ck for that.. he loves "carry on films"

  5. Hubby always says that's why there's chocolate and vanilla.

  6. they say opposites attract...hubby and I are opposite in a lot of ways...and the same in a lot of ways...guess that's why we've been married 28 years...

  7. Agree completely! Now, these are gorgeous images!

  8. to be a "copy and paste" of each others would have hindered evolution of mankind. it is the clash of ideas that steers societies ahead.

    if not for differences, this would be a very dull place...

    beautiful pics btw!!

  9. This is precicely one of the

    There are times I can laugh about something & I enjoy laughing even more when I see the amazed,looking surprised & smiling faces of my three men....; no one of them would ever understand why I am able to laugh & enjoy myself soooo very much; but as they are learning (at least the young sons) to be comprehensible & also tolerant; to be a letting be unique....;.......they would let enjoy myself with shaking heads & smiling faces.....; ahhh I do love it!!!

    Be unique & be tolerant ; what a good way Jim to make this earth a shiny place!!!!!!!
    Shiny & splendid & spectacular like your wonderful trees in the magic mirror!!!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao & a sunny weekend!!


  10. Today, I'm wearing a bright pink safari suit (short sleeves) with a dark purple polo neck sweater (long sleeves) and green, patent leather cowboy boots.

    Is there such a thing as bad taste?

  11. You should write an inspirational book. Nicely said.

  12. I agree , the many flavors in life make it interesting. But why wouldn't you like what I like? It is the best.


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