Saturday, October 1, 2011

Retro Saturday

Waiting for the suppertime traffic to die down a bit the other day while in Halifax, we decided to pop in at a Salvation Army thrift shop.

Just like other visits I scan the china/glass shelves first and then head to the furniture area where they usually have an assortment of framed photos and 'art' work.

Not much there except for a beaten-up, framed  9 X 12 photograph of a building or something. The glass was so dirty I could barely see the image underneath.

The frame was coming apart and I left it where it was.....until I realized that the building in the photo looked familiar to me. It was the Flatiron Building/Fuller Building in NYC. I thought it was beyond repair and that the photograph was damaged with moisture. But realized it was just surface dirt on the glass and that the photo was in OK shape.

So I bought it...... for $1.99! Got home and threw out the frame and glass. And it does look pretty good in it's temporary location.

I don't know what it is that I like so much about black and white photography.........maybe it's the contrasts that are more obvious when using this medium which makes one 'notice' the content more readily than when using colour. 

This is the second photo of this building I have found in the past year. Maybe it is telling me that a return visit to NYC in far overdue!

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