Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

You know when we reach a certain age we start to wonder and say aloud, 'where has the time gone?'

Well, the fact is 'time' is fleeting. It can't be any other way. That is what time is after all.

'Time', the term, is man-made. I suppose it was deemed necessary to account for and keep track of unfolding events as they happened.

It appears that when we are younger we don't seem to notice 'time'.....we are busy, usually healthy and more interested in getting through chunks of time to get to another chunk. 

This all came to a head last month when Ron and I were in his hometown of Wolfville and just happened to be walking down the tracks where we used to wait for the train to get back to Halifax.

The picture below (which I have posted before) was taken while waiting for the train....on Thanksgiving Day back in October 1984. 

So on this particular day in the present I thought it a good idea to 'recreate' that scene some 27 years later! And Ron was willing too! Brave soul...I wouldn't have done it!

                            The train has long left the station but don't tell Ron! lol The station building is still there....serving the community as a library now. 

Besides still being the BEST looking guy around, we both got a kick out of doing this but could not believe how much time has passed.

We both feel and think the same as we did 30 years ago (well almost except for a few aches and pains). We are quickly brought back to reality when we catch a glimpse of how we are changing physically. 

Such is life. The key is in the way we accept and embrace these inevitable changes.

And that is what got me thinking about this whole' time' thing in the first place.


  1. The splendid woods in "Time"
    The splendid words in "Time"
    The splendid RonPortraits in "Time"

    ...Jim; I surely LOVE your Time thoughts.....!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...& I LOVE your genious advice to happily accept & embrace changes of Time...

    ciao ciao elvira

  2. Loved this post-I have always felt time to me seems to speed up as you get older and tell me why is it men mature and get older AND better and women just age ?

  3. Your posts always seem to calm me down. Thanks!

    Very handsome indeed! No pass the gas t-shirt though?

  4. Jim, don't make me sad. I was just looking at Fred last night and thinking the same thing. At least we're still together, right?

  5. He is a good-looking man! Looks kind too.

    The thing about growing old is that the outer shell changes while we remain more or less the same - hopefully, wiser and kinder - inside.

  6. I'm sure you'd agree with me that we are all better today than any day past. We're like a fine wine that gets better with time.

  7. Time hasn't really changed Ron much - no way I could do a profile after that length of time!

    Shots in the trees, timeless.

  8. I am sure women everywhere will agree,it is not fair that men get more handsome with time and us gals just get old,lol!
    I have been feeling this way a lot lately too,where has the time gone...has it really been 25 years since we did so and so...? Even though my son is a young teen most of my friends are already grandparents..yikes!

  9. Time waits for no man, as they say. But time's been pretty kind to your Ron!

  10. Ron doesn't look a day older! What's he on? Can I have some?

    Ok, he does have better dress

  11. Laughing is the answer....just ask Jim...I laugh altogether too much! LOL...see!

  12. Hard to believe that this picture is 27 years later. If Ron had posed in that same [embarrassing] T-shirt no one would know any time had passed at all!

  13. Still looking good. In fact, if you pay attention, he looks even better now.

    May time go easy on you both - forever!

  14. My goodness, time has been kind to Ron!

  15. Time seems to be passing way too quickly, but judging by the two photos, Ron has somehow stopped it!
    The woodland shots are beautiful!

  16. What a fab idea for a post - recreating an old photo.

    Oh yeh, he's a good looking guy indeed, but what is even more amazing is that he has hardly aged!

    Neither of you look anywhere near your real age .... it must be that youthful look at life that you have eh?! *wink*

  17. Love the blog. The photography is stunning and very thought-provoking.
    I will enjoy following it. Thanks


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