Saturday, October 29, 2011

Retro Saturday

The product below played a big role in my life as a child. Everybody drank this stuff! Not to mention it was very popular for a lot of kids to set up a little table and sell it in the neighbourhood on a hot summer day.

I remember wondering how the makers of commercial made the pitcher/jug talk! Actually this one was made before we got a TV and I remember a later advertisement with a different jungle: 'Kool Aid, Kool Aid....real great. Kool Aid, Kool Aid....can't wait!'

Anyone out there remember these earlier commercials?


  1. I'm not giving my "youngsters a lot of pleasure". I'm sure there's a law against that.
    p.s. Love the commercial. It reminds me of Ozzie and Harriet.

  2. Yeah, back before the soda makers started selling the big bottle Kool-Aid was the drink of choice for my friends and me during hot summer days playing outside.

  3. What exactly was in that stuff Jim?

    Obviously some kind of mind-altering narcotic - it makes inanimate objects appear to talk and the kids have even got thier Mom hooked on it...

  4. I always wanter a pitcher shaped like that

    5 cents, that was the big sell

    I loved Black Cherry and Orange

    We froze it in ice cube trays and had popcicles

    Now the idea of drinking it is right off. Diet soda put an end to it.

  5. Yumm...grape Kool-aid! We also would freeze it and make popsicles. When my kids were younger I would freeze the Kool-aid in ice cube trays, put in the glass and pour more Kool-aid in the glass. That way the taste would not be diluted with the ice cubes melting.

  6. Such neat, clean, polite children! :-)

    Jill went nuts when she heard the whistling and knew it wasn't me. :-)

    Nice old memories!

  7. I don't remember that one, but I do remember the later commercials. I guess I had to be different. I didn't like the stuff, or pop. It was water, or milk, for me.

  8. You have to like how direct the ads were - no guessing what they're for. Do you remember this one? "The Kool-Aid kids are off again to visit many lands. Be sure to join them when they sure to drink some Kool-Aid too!"

  9. Terry....can't say I remember that one. I bet there were tons of them!

  10. We NEVER had Kool-Aid as kids. My mother wouldn't allow it. Only milk and water, with the occasional glass of juice. But, it had to be 'real' juice, no "sugar water" in our house!

    We were so deprived...NOT!

  11. I remember how nice it was when we would come inside in the summer all hot and sweaty and would have a glass of Kool-Aid...I also remember going with my Mom to the store and her letting me pick out the flavors. Good times and memories--THANKS for reminding me of them!!

  12. I always thought the talking pitcher was kind of creepy.

  13. I remember the ads, but this was a big no-no at my parents' home.


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