Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crossing That Bridge.....

We've been going to the city a few times a week for the past few months. 

It's not that we don't enjoy where we live. It's that we really like the park that is situated at the southern tip of peninsular Halifax.

And more to the point, Sophie LOVES it there. It is 90% 'off leash'. She gets a chance to meet other dogs and occasionally have a great game of 'ball' with them.

We have each mentioned this park a few hundred times on our blogs. We will probably continue to visit the park throughout the winter as well.....depending on the weather.

                            On the MacKay Bridge

This park is such a gift to the residents of this area. As kids, my brothers and I along with a neighbour or two, we would spend Saturdays there in the summer......making camp fires along the shore (can't do that now!), bringing lunch and hiking all over the park.

Looking south at the MacDonald Bridge from the MacKay Bridge (if you followed this cargo       ship out the mouth of the harbour, it would go to the right usually. If you went to the left, you would be heading up the eastern shore where we live.)

From where we live we have the option of taking either of two bridges to get to Halifax. Both cross over Halifax Harbour. I can remember the MacDonald Bridge when it first sister and I would walk across it and wasn't far from our neighbourhood.

The 'newer' bridge, the MacKay, opened in 1970. This is the one we usually take as it has better entrance/exit ramps and can handle more traffic more efficiently.

On the way to the park we go through city centre which has a little bit of everything for a small sized city. Every September the population appears to double due to returning students to the five universities in the city.

Last week I thought I would take a few photos of some of the buildings that are along the way to the park. Halifax is no Toronto or Montreal and that is OK with me. It has a population of about 350,000 which makes it the largest city east of Montreal.

                               These photos were taken on a sunny day last week.

Yesterday when in the city we noticed that there were four cruise ships docked at the south end piers. Usually there are two almost every day this time of year. I think there were four because last night we had a nor'easter blow through the province. The ships were taking refuge in our harbour before they set out again to their next port today. 

                                         A fifth ship came in a little later to 'wait out' the storm.

Now it all makes sense why there were so many people downtown yesterday be more precise there were 10,000 tourists in total from these ships.


  1. Wow! I would sit and stare at those ships coming and going all day! Lovely pics Jim.

  2. Those cruise ships are really like floating cities! Gorgeous pictures, Jim!

  3. Lovely trip with you & I bet Sophie does love it in the park.

    Your comment about the proposed trip to Highgte cemetry made me giggle ( thanks ) There are some very famous pople buried there. I'm hopingto get some good toomstone photos

  4. Halifax looks like a great city, Jim.

    I wonder why you venture to a city park when you have all that space around you.

    Whenever I go into town (on a job or to visit a client) I feel like I don't belong there at all.

    Nice to feel amongst other 'people' sometimes though.

  5. Good question Chris. Guess we just like the change of scenery and the human interaction that we don`t get that much of out along the shore.

  6. A good park is always worth a little trip.

    I think the cruise up the coast will probably be our next one. That one is very popular this time of year. I don't know how much tree color you can see from sea but people like it. I can't image the pools are very crowded though.

    How's Pops doing?

  7. Stew, Pops is doing fine. I will have to do an update soon.

  8. great shots of the city, bridges, and ships. when my kids were little, it would be an adventure to go looking for a new park to play in, picnic included. sometimes even brought their lil bikes too. good mammeries and i'm all for exploring...

  9. I love the bridge photos! I could watch the harbor activity all day.

  10. What a beautiful place! Great shots too. Those cruise ships look ENORMOUS!

  11. In 1964 we moved from LA to the San Francisco Bay Area and some of my fondest memories are of going to Golden Gate Park, one of the world's great urban parks. Mom would bring sandwiches and we'd picnic. We moved away in 1968 but I returned a few years later and wow! how it had changed what with the Summer of Love happening and all the hippies--they even had a congregating spot in the park designated as "Hippie Hill". The great outdoors is fantastic, but urban parks can be wonderful, too.

  12. my chris has been to the city.. I would love to do so too, especially because of your lovely pics

  13. I have never visited Nova Scotia although I have always wanted to. Your pictures make me want to do so even more, but it's now an even longer way from home. Thanks for enabling me to experience it from a distance!

  14. 10,000 tourists - says she running in the opposite direction!

    Love that bridge.

  15. that 3rd pic is especially pleasing to me. funny, i was looking at cruises this week... since i requested a "no kid" trip, it was proposed that i look into sail ships rather than these big floating villages.

    no need to compare Halifax to Montreal or Toronto. if it has charms and services, that's all you need.
    MOntreal is a nightmare right now with traffic, demolition, excavation, construction, restructuration, all this making the air very dusty and people very crabby. and who needs 15 starbucks, 10 tim orton's, 30 pizza parlors, etc in a single square mile?!? 'cause that's what it means, living in a big city, repetition!!! thankfully, some districts distinguish themselves from the lot and add a little flavor to the cityliving here.


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