Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

I have always been a political animal. Certainly didn't learn it 'at home' as a child.......maybe that IS why.

I see pretty much everything in a 'political' vein. 

When I was in university I hung around with a very active, politically motivated group of people. 

When I was a young teenager, I was always standing up for the 'downtrodden' members of our society.....and continue to do so.

I do not mind at all taking a stand on an issue that I believe in. Often times this has gotten me some pretty strange looks from people.

I demonstrated and protested in the 60's and would like to think helped in my small way to 'change' things and make them better than they were.

Everything can be better. Things must change. 

Now, it is the fashion/way we choose to get 'things done' that can be challenging for some. Not everything can be done in a manner that pleases all.

Take for example the recent protests on Wall Street. It was like deja vu .......young people finally 'taking a stand'....... These are not a bunch of uneducated losers, not wanting to work and just stirring up trouble. Who in their right minds would want to 'live' in this small park for days? They feel very adamant about what they are doing.

And in little ole Halifax we have a group of about 50 camping out at  the Grand Parade Grounds at City Hall.

People  feel strongly enough about issues of which they are totally fed up and are willing to do taking issue with the multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies and the complicity of governments (western world governments). A HUGE gap has been created  between the very wealthy and the 99% rest of us.

I am all for what the Occupy Wall Street protesters are trying to accomplish..... peacefully. Who are they hurting? Hopefully only the image of those greedy companies.


  1. Ah, the Butterfly Effect. I get it!
    Perfect photos to prove your point.

  2. It's been great to see so many ordinary people (especially in the US) finally express their more than justifiable anger at the untenable economic situation. I hope the 99% keep up their pressure.

  3. Amen! It's been so inspiring to watch people from all around the world protesting peacefully about the gap between rich and poor.

  4. Something's gotta give. I hope people (including me) manage to wrestle free of their apathy...

    Why haven't there been any prosecutions in the banking world yet? Apathy.

  5. Mark, to be honest I never heard of the Butterfly Effect......but after looking it up, I suppose it would apply here as well. You are so literate!

    Chris, good point Chris! amazing what having power can protect you from.

  6. they must stay peaceful to get across their message but then again they need to get a message, and a spokesman so we can present a solution along with solidarity.

  7. How did we get to the point where wealthy people don't have to pay their fair share of taxes? It doesn't make any sense. Don't get me started.

  8. I say good for them. It made me think that perhaps there will always be those we are willing to jump into the fray and speak the truth.


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