Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Nova Scotia

                            Last Friday afternoon I visited the Halifax Parade Grounds.
                           It has been the site of Occupy Nova Scotia for the past couple of 
                            Ironically it is situated under the shadows of two Canadian bank
                           There were a number of very varied organizations  making 
                           their presence known.
                            This guy was obviously keeping up appearances. First time I saw                                                                                                                      
                            someone brushing their teeth on the Grand Parade!
    I tell you it had the feeling of the 60's all over the place! And I felt right at home!
    This was a 'seminar' of sorts and I could hear a lot of economics being discussed.                                    
    We had torrential rains the day before....thus the hanging sleeping bags.
                            This young woman was busy getting ready for later.
                            These chalk signs were everywhere.
                            I had a tie-dyed purple t-shirt in the late 60's with this 'peace' sign.
    Little do we know that the power to make change is in OUR HANDS.
                            And little do we know that we do have A LOT of power in those hands.
                            And that power can be exercised on voting day.
    All views were apparent. Some were extreme and some were moderate.
                            Both have a democratic right to be seen and heard.
    Now in my eyes the key to the success to this movement/occupation is some sort of       
    compromise on the part of the groups.
                            When and if they reach a consensus of their demands, they will
                            appear more united and organized.
                            In any case, this is what democracy is about.....when people have 
                            concerns about something they have a right to make those views
                            It is our choice if we want to listen or not. What I did notice about 
                            this 'movement' though (all over the world) is that it attracted people
                            from all 'walks of life'.
                            This is what got my attention. Plus, of course, the fact that the 
                            world has taken on a look of desperation and greed.
                            And the disparity between the rich and the poor is becoming too 
                            obvious to ignore.
                            There are more 'poor' people now than ever before.
    And the 'rich', the 1%, are calling all the shots!
                            I really do hope that this 'movement' achieves it's goals to snap
                            us all out of our 'daze' and realize that we (the world) could all be in very
                            serious trouble before we know it.
    What happens in one country, particularly the western world countries, affects us all whether 
    we like it or not.
    So I will continue to support this in my own way.
    These folks have to eat don't they.
    I'll be back for a visit soon.                                     
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