Saturday, October 8, 2011

Retro Saturday

Got a call from our friend Carolyn last week. She lives in the neighbouring province of New Brunswick.

She wanted to meet with us on the weekend. She said she had gotten a couple of things for us this past summer in her `travels` in N.B.

And since her husband and two `kids` were going to a wedding in Manitoba, a province they used to live in, and she wasn`t going with them, Carolyn thought it an opportune time to meet for lunch somewhere half-way for us both.

We decided to meet in Amherst, Nova Scotia.....about halfway I a retro shop called Frenchy`s.

We both got there at almost the exact time! She was backing into a parking spot as we were coming through the parking lot.

She immediately showed us the glassware she had for us. I liked it. She knew I collected kitchen glasses....and these came with their own you can see in the photos above. The colour is fantastic don't you think! 

The other set she has had for a few years and was from her aunt`s estate. It was a Cornflower parfait set, I think......very pretty set indeed. Carolyn said she was in a `de-cluttering` mode as of late, and knew I would appreciate it.

I have known Carolyn for as long as I have know Ron. I met her at Acadia University. She was in my `education` class

And you know when you meet someone and know without saying it that you like them and enjoy spending time with them? Well this was how I felt with Carolyn.

She is very easy to be around and always has something new to teach  and share with us. She is a very 'crafty' gal.

There was nothing much at Frenchy's so we headed to Sackville which is a university town just across the border in New Brunswick. After we got through customs without too much hassle........kidding! Sackville is the home Mount Allison University.

It is a great little town with a few good places to eat.....which is exactly what we did at a newly opened cafe. All in all it was a great way to spend a very wet afternoon.......friends, food and of course gifts of glasswares!!!!


  1. Good Morning, great gifts! The orange glasses are great, but the parfait set is something I had never seen anything to compare. I am very taken by it! Lucky dogs!

    So nice that you had a great visit with your old friend!

  2. Jim...these shots are outstanding! It must have been a fun day....

  3. Lovely glassware! So nice to reconnect with an old friend.

  4. Sounds like a great day! I love the orange juice set the best!

  5. Sounds like you had a fab day. I am loving all the glassware you accumlated - very chic! Have a great weekend jim ;-)

  6. Now I do like that second set Jim. Very nice indeed. Wonderful that you have freinds that know what you like instinctively.

    Resisting the urge to comment on Mounting Alison...

  7. OK, I'm in love with that second set.

  8. Hi Jim! What thoughtful gifts!! Your glasses have sparked a memory for me that I'd totally forgotten--I bought my Mom a set of those same glasses and the pitcher years ago...THANKS for reminding me of that!

  9. wow I love the glasses and pitcher....what an amazing friend...

  10. unlike you to resist! I'm worried for you!

  11. Pray tell,Mr.C..where are you going to put your treasures?

  12. What precious treasures! I love the orange glasses the most - so cheerful.

  13. What fun, to be the recipient of treasures from a friend who knows you well and knows your taste. Lovely gifts!

  14. I could hardly breathe! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Sweet Carolyn has excellent taste, in my humble opinion, and so do you!


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