Saturday, October 15, 2011

Retro saturday

I picked up these ginger jars in the spring. And because I am partial to most things made in Japan, I bought them.

As can be seen they are by a Satsuma company in Japan.....which one I am not sure. But I do believe that they were probably made in the 80's.....found a similar one online.

I even forget where I bought them....probably the  Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Dartmouth. I love the crackling on them. I have read that this feature is done while in the kiln. It is what most Satsuma porcelain is noted for. And it varies from studio to studio.

Originally these jars must have been filled with dry ginger powder. I can't imagine putting in chunks of fresh ginger.....which are sometimes larger than these jars! At least the ginger is that we use regularly.
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