Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday On Wall Street

If karma is going to bite anybody in the ass it will be Kevin O'Leary. He has a 'financial' program on the CBC here in fact he is on two programs here. He also is on an American program as well.

 His arrogance has always made me squirm. Thank you to Chris Hedges, an American Pulitzer Prize winner for putting O'Leary in his place.

The CBC has been 'put in it's somewhat-arrogant-of-lately place' as well by Mr. Hedges by comparing it to Fox News!!!! Time to WAKE UP CBC!

Hopefully this clip will enlighten some as to the sincerity of those protesters trying to make us listen and support them.


  1. Feckin' A. Go Chris.

    I love it when someone comes onto a show like that, who knows his stuff, and kicks ass. He really made O'Leary look like a twat...

    ...he made a lot of sense too.

    Eat the rich!

  2. That clip was great! I love Hedge's response when O'Leary called him a nutjob - talk about a put down ;-)

  3. Thanks for posting. I must say I have been somewhat confused about what the protests have been about but Chris Hedge's does clarify it for me.

  4. Don`t you love it when someone gets thier rump handed to them?

  5. O'Leary showed himself for the corporate whore that he is, and not a particularly bright one at that.

  6. me tooo
    I love it when someone deserving gets their ass kicked

    sorry I mean ARSE

  7. Wow. O'Leary is a total puke. Hedges represented a very important movement extremely well.

  8. Shame on O'Leary!
    We have "Occupy Denver" going on here in Colorado.

  9. Hahahahaha, Kevin O'Leary finally met his match!


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