Saturday, December 4, 2010

Retro Saturday

Two candle-holders made by Holt-Howard.....very apropos for the season!

Saturday again. Where does the week go?

They were made in 1964 and in Japan.

Not much at my usual thrift 'haunts' this week. Lots of stuff but nothing that caught my eye.

Except for the items shown, it has been a 'slow' week retro-wise.

                This colourful little 'side' plate was made in Japan by 'Giftcraft'.

Good thing we are meeting up with friends in our neighbouring province of New Brunswick today. Actually we are meeting at a 'thrift' store on the border which is in Nova Scotia in the town of Amherst.

From there we are crossing over the border (where the gasoline is cheaper) into a great little university town called Sackville. It is the home of Mount Allison University which has a very good 'fine arts' program.

Have no idea about the origins of this little bowl...liked the size and colour.

Hope to find a good place to eat and chat. I met Carolyn back in 1973 (talk about RETRO!!!) at university and we have been friends ever since. She and her husband, Brian, and two kids live in another small town in New Brunswick......Sussex. Actually, some of you 'met' them on a post last year. They 'stood' for us at our wedding ceremony.

Carolyn is great at 'thrifting' and can spot a bargain from miles away! Should be fun and a chance to catch up with these 'retro' friends of ours.

Of course, the obligatory pictures will be taken and I'll let you all know how it goes.
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