Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Is For Family

            Me making the cakes for Christmas Eve while Sophie awaits patiently for something, anything to fall!

What a whirlwind the last few days have been!

Got to love this time of year. We turn into different creatures, full of energy and rearing to go!

Birthday cake for my sister Mary ........ surprised her too!!!

Guess that's what makes Christmas so special. We find time for friends and family and have quality time with them.

Mary blowing out the candles on Christmas Eve.

Just a sampling of photos from our Christmas, starting with Christmas Eve which was held at my Dad's house. Close to 30 of the clan were there and it went very smoothly mainly due to my sister, Paula. This gal has boundless energy and always has time to do whatever is necessary to make a get-together successful.

                           Jodi (nephew Kyle's fiancee) with 'new addition Payton....8 week English Mastiff

Considering the number of people there, it wasn't that crazy like it used to be. Guess everyone (nieces and nephews) is growing up now....only two young kids there (great nieces).

Sarah Jane (great niece) with Payton.

Christmas was quiet in our house this year. We got up around 8 A.M. and had the obligatory breakfast (my favourite meal of the day!).

Sisters Mary (Mim), Jo-Ann and Paula...Christmas Eve.

After we ate we opened a few gifts.

                  Sophie with her new toy from Santa!

                 A 'single malt' from one of my nieces and nephew.

We decided to have Christmas dinner here for a change. We had always (for years) been invited out to Paula's place but declined this year to do something different.
Santa gave me two kinds of my fav tea!!

It worked out well actually. We ate around 1 P.M. and had a huge meal with about seven vegetables!!

                             Ron 'displaying' a gift....I am SO dead!

                 Sophie getting in on the action!

Today we had company before noon. We were 'ready' for them as Paula 'warned' us she and her husband would be here and their daughter Jami and her husband Dustin and dog Fenway were on their way from northern Nova Scotia and were heading to our place first!

                     Jami with Sophie and Fenway

We got up at 7 and ate....told you, we'd be crazy(er) without breakfast! Cleaned the house like nobody's business in no time flat and sat and waited for them.

                 Fenway 'trying out' Sophie's new toy.

I had also been busy making up something for them for lunch. Luckily there were a couple tins of frozen lobster I had especially for Christmas. Made a batch of Ron's Mom's mayonnaise.....presto! Along with freshly made cranberry sauce, it made for a nice chunky spread on crackers.......with raw veggies.

                 Sister Paula.

I just love my sister's family! We are close and always have been. She has always made a point to include us in her kid's upbringing. Jami is the oldest and has a younger sister Meghan and a younger brother Matt. It's the closest thing Ron and I have to having kid's of our own........we have spent a lot of time with them since they were infants.

                 Ongoing training for Fenway.........

I truly believe Christmas is for family. Time to re-connect where necessary and maintain what has already been established. 

Now to extend this 'great feeling' throughout the rest of the year......imagine the positive effect on this world of ours!


  1. Lots and lots of smiling faces! So glad to hear you all had a lovely Christmas!

  2. What a bright, colourful, wonderful post!

  3. Hi Jim!! To start, I LOVE your 'retro' mixing bowls, and your cake is just beautiful! I thought of you yesterday when I made cinnamon rolls (from scratch) and they turned out beautifully, but my ability to drizzle the icing was lacking! :-)

    It does look and sound like you had a wonderful day !! I hope you're enjoying today too!! Happy Boxing Day!!

  4. Hi Jim. Merry Christmas to you. What kind of icing on the cake? It sure looks good... Jami is very pretty... she looks like an actress that we like... Zooey Deschanael. Glad you had a warm, family filled Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mim's cake was awesome! I know it was good!

    You do have a big family, that's for sure! What a lovely way to spend the holidays!I imagine Sophie was beside herself, with all that company!

    You can start your New Year now, it's just a date, after all! I really like your neat as a pin place BTW and wish I could visit too!

  6. You have a lovely family. And, you're lucky to have it. I'm very glad to see that you all are close, and keep in touch with each other.

    I, by the way, have those mixing bowls, also. Missing one that Leon knocked off of the counter where I made the mistake of leaving it, with an egg in it, for three seconds, a while back.

  7. Bobbi....the frosting is a cream cheese one.

    Sharon....yes very neat! As I said we were up early to 'fine-tune' the place!! lol

    Kim and Louise.....I use those mixing bowls ALL THE TIME! Love them too.

  8. It's great to see a family that likes to get together. Often, people just do things because they have to.

    How does everyone decide which family to spend time with? I truely like both my family and my husbands and don't want to make either upset. But they always plan things for the same exact times.

  9. Stew, good point. It's pretty easy for us (easy's not the word) as Ron's only direct family, his brother, lives 3000 miles away. Since his Mom's death in 1998 we spend Christmas with my family.

  10. I have so enjoyed getting a peek into the Christmas celebrations of families all over the world, from Nova Scotia to Australia to France. It's the same theme: families enjoying one another's company and love. Beautiful posts, Jim! I can tell you all had such a good time together. Your house looks so airy and sunny and open, I love it. I also love, love love your sister Mary's hair!!! And the bowls you were mixing your cakes in. I knew there'd be tons of vintage to see in your pictures. Have a Happy New Year!


  11. What a lovely time you all had, a very happy post. Glad your Christmas went well. Best Wihes for 2011

  12. It sounds like you had lots of family and lots of good food. Yay!

  13. Wow, will you make my next birthday cake? YUM!

    It sure looks like you had more fun than I did!

  14. You are lovely & have a lovely smiling family! Oh....also a lovely home & dog! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. what an awesome holiday, jim.. i am so glad you all enjoyed it! theres nothing like the warmth of family at the holiday! love you home, what i could see of it.. so what are the plans for nye?

  16. you all look so happy in those photos, a belated Merry Christmas to you all, and let me be the first to wish you all the best of luck and love in 2011,


  17. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday pictures with us. Your whole family is beautiful.

  18. Looks like a wonderful Christmas celebration was had by all! So glad you had a great day with your family! BTW - I have nothing against mustaches on some guys, but I think Kleber looks better without one :) Have a great week!


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