Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's Selection

When I was a child my father would usually play the piano every Sunday afternoon. We, my brothers and sisters, loved it when he did. We would either sing, if we knew the words, or dance around like we knew how. lol

One of my Dad's favourite songs was, and still is, It's A Sin To Tell A Lie.

The clip above has a much faster tempo. But it is a great version I found on You Tube. His version was more like this one....a little slower paced. Listen to it here. Both are great. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. LOVE IT!!! This reminds me of when I was little... my dad played guitar. He'd gather all of us kids around him and play as we danced around. One of the songs I remember him playing was 'The Little Red Shirt My Mother Made for Me." Memories of childhood can sure be fun!

  2. Whenever I hear the word piano I am reminded of when I was a kid and taking 6 years of lessons! And not enjoying one minute of it! Auntie always was saying that a young lady should know the finer arts in life. Although I do appreciate those who do play.

  3. My Mother was the piano player in the family, no lessons, just natural - both hands. I was always amazed by this. When she was feeling good, she could really tickle those keys! She also was a self taught harmonica player and her rendition of the circus calliope was always a favorite of us kids!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. I learnt piano as a child ... my 3 brothers and I all had to learn to Ballroom dance, play piano and ride a horse... obviously not all at hte same time though! ;D

    I never appreciated playing the piano and I struggled to read music... I could hear a song and then learn it by heart but my teacher caught me out when I wasn't turning the pages at the right time... or at all! lol

    I gave up... and I regret it to this day!

    love that song though... its just so real and honest... the harmonies are beautiful...


  5. Fab U lous ! Mum sang beautifully - corale work but we didn't do things like this ...wish we had !

  6. Mom used to play the boogie woogie!!! I also took lessons and to this day can rememer how to play The Tarantella but that's it. Mom was also a flutist through high school but her love was always the piano. Good memories!!

  7. So many pianists among us! I took Royal Conservatory of Music lessons for 6 years from the Sisters of Charity at the local convent. They were the gentlest teachers (with the exception of one....there's always one). I know more theory than am able to play anything well.

  8. Lovely! I do love the piano and while I know all of the notes, I do not have the talent for it--Bassoon and flute yes, but not the piano...

  9. i had not heard this song before... nice! and merci...


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